Artist: Heather Blanchard

Medium: Oil on Linen

Framed size 62 x 62 cm


Artists Statement

I’m fortunate enough to live amidst beautiful woodland and have access to some rather wonderful (to me at least) estate avenues. I don’t paint dramatic awe inspiring panoramas but unconsidered landscapes -simple trees, gates, hedges and tracks. As objects in themselves maybe uninspiring,  but these things rarely stand alone and are often elevated beyond their humbleness by weather and light conditions. Every day and every season has something to offer, not all are rewarding in terms of painting but I have favourite places of potential discovered on my many walks to take advantage of when conditions are right.

This to me is the foundation stone of the process. The initial drawings, the stretching and priming of the canvas, the composition, the applying of paint, the failures, the alterations and the successes. None of these can even begin without this regular experience.

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