A Place Never Forgotten – Shirley Vauvelle


A Place Never Forgotten

Maker: Shirley Vauvelle

90h x 41w x 17d cm

Stoneware hand built ceramics made to be appreciated and changed by viewing from alternative sides to change the mood of the pieces. Some pieces are made with separate components and inserts that can to changed around to add a playful element. Slips, underglazes and oxides are used to create beautiful surfaces inspired by coastal nature and the artists immediate surroundings on the East Coast of North Yorkshire

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About the Artist

Shirley Vauvelle is an established decorative mixed media British maker.

Her practise has tended to produce playful component pieces combined with found materials. Assemblages inspired by creatures, birds and plants.

Shirley’s art education background and initial design career was in textile/surface decoration. Self taught in ceramics, recently her work has become more abstract and larger in scale and concentrates on shape and balance of form as a whole.

A collection of new stoneware sculptural works has evolved over a long period of thought processes, with a sense of place and calmness. Inspired by her immediate surroundings of a coastal garden and living on the North Yorkshire coast. Her emotions felt from closely observing the environment by drawing or collecting materials which she later adds to the clay surface. The experience has led to hand-built sculptures and assemblages in stoneware clay and found materials.

All of these pieces were created in lockdown in her studio near Scarborough, with the luxury of time to appreciate peace and nature and give more thinking space to stages of development, it is very much reflected in how the pieces evolved.

Shirley is sensitive to surface qualities and consideration of space and shape, more time enabled a change in the way Shirley now works.
She also has a playfulness in her work, lots of pieces have several components or inserts that that can be changed position, swapped sides or removed to change the mood of the piece.

The colour and textures are built up in layers sometimes with firings in the kiln going up to five times, using slips, underglazes and oxides. Shirley’s love of natural form is reflected the use of the plant material and sea weeds gathered and used to impress into the surface, applied intuitively, creating botanical pattern and texture.

The new work and continuing developments are made under the working title #underuniversalskies

Shirley’s work is collected in Europe, Australia and America.

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