Bees Freestanding Clock – Jill Stewart


Bees Freestanding Clock

Maker: Jill Stewart

Etched brass & copper freestanding clock

10w x 16h cm

The materials are brass and copper, when the copper is heated it turns the red colour, and the writing is etched into the metal. The text is from 18th century writer Isaac Watts improving verse for children, “How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour.”


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About the Artist

Artist Statement

I got into making jewellery years ago as I had always loved to make things, and learned to use metals to make small things that I think of as illustrations.

I was brought up in the Northumbrian countryside, and natural things, flowers, birds, colour and beauty are what I like best. I hope to develop my work into illustration and have some fun with colour!

I use silver, brass and copper at the moment, often etching it to add pattern and texture. Then shapes are cut out by hand, filed and then soldered to create the pieces, and add oxidised colour to the copper. Cleaning and polishing is the last step. Blue titanium is sometimes added as a feature. The clocks are made in a similar way, using a big torch flame for the soldering. Because there are so many processes each piece can take a few days to make. My clocks show animals and birds, and along with the jewellery, form an illustrated miniature world inspired by details of the natural world around us.

My customers tell me they like my work for its originality, and that in buying it they have a sense of gaining something individual and humorous and beautiful.

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