Bob Ritchie, Kinnaber, 2000


Bob Ritchie, Kinnaber, 2000

Artist: Colin McPherson

Medium: Monochrome film. Signed, silver geletine hand made prints on request

Description: Salmon netter Bob Ritchie lifts a salmon through the pocket of a ‘jumper’ net  at low tide on the sands at Kinnaber, Angus.

Dimensions: 12” x 30″



Project information: Catching the Tide was a long-term project carried out by photographer Colin McPherson to document salmon net fishing in Scotland. McPherson began his work in 1995 and the project continued until 2007 during and after which the photography was exhibited in Scotland and published worldwide. In 2016, the Scottish Government imposed a three-year moratorium on coastal net fishing for salmon and sea trout, forcing most of the few remaining netting stations to close.

The once-thriving Scottish salmon netting industry fell into decline in the 1970s and 1980s when the numbers of fish caught reduced due to environmental and economic reasons. By 2007, only a handful of men still caught wild salmon and sea trout using traditional methods, mainly for export to the Continent.

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