Chaffinch on a Branch – Gwen Adair


Chaffinch On A Branch

Artist: Gwen Adair

Medium:  oil

Framed size 40 x 40 cm

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My recent work explores various themes, but the human figure often predominates. I am fascinated by the way the disposition of figures can create a story in the mind of the viewer, which possibly comes from my training as an illustrator. In my most recent work I have been looking at performers; I am drawn to their enigmatic lifestyles as much as to their costumes. Make-up can mask expressions, leaving figures full of intrigue, sinister and exciting, drawing you into their world like faeries in ancient folk-lore.

Birds began to appear alongside the performers, and have now become a subject in themselves, as their colours, shapes and textures are lovely to paint. There is also something knowing about birds. Still life painting demands a balance of pattern and shape, and gives scope for exploring colour, and my new-found love of landscape painting is allowing me to use expressive and gestural mark-making, inspired by JD Fergusson. My themes are quite traditional, and I tend to work quickly in an “alla prima” fashion. Hopefully this gives a certain spontaneity to the work. I strongly believe that the paint should be part of the painting, and that the marks themselves should add to the image.

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