Days of Insanity – Maggie Ayres


Days of Insanity, 2019

Artist: Maggie Ayres

Medium: Oils and Mixed Media on Wood Panels.

75 x 75 cm

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Currently my practice is mainly based around abstract painting using oils and cold wax medium. I layer paint on wooden panels, cutting and abrading surfaces to reveal glimpses of the underneath.

Mark-making continually directs my practice, as expressions of personal responses to both spoken and written words, thoughts, memories and emotions. I am experimenting with audio too, layering field recordings and spoken word to provide soundscapes to visual work. Expression through the use of abstracted marks is like trying to scratch my bones; the desire to make visual an impossibly unseen concept like the displacement of air beneath a bird’s wings is to try and sate elusive cravings.

When I look, sketch, imagine, write and record sound, I am trying to resolve this enigma visually and audibly.  How does it taste, smell, feel, look, sound?

While my work is personal, I believe that it connects to universal concerns while we strive to acknowledge individuality in society and culture that would keep us constrained in “boxes”, engendering conformity and obedience.

In November 2019, I was awarded funding to undertake a self-directed residency at Caerlaverock WWT on the Solway where I gathered field sketches and material for developing new work. Hugely influenced by my time under that big sky, I am exploring different notions of transformation, where flying is a metaphor for letting go of social and self-imposed constraints that tether us.

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