Dog Walker, Pink Coat – Jackie Ward (Tree Huggery)


Walking The Dog, Pink Coat

Maker: Jackie Ward (Tree Huggery)

Textile sculpture using found materials.

30 cm tall

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About the Artist

A psychology degree, a habit of people watching and a love of found materials has provided Jackie with the insight to create the ‘Little People’.
The inspiration for them came when a neighbour left some fence post wire out for the ‘scrap man’, and she realised that she could use it to work 3 dimensionally to create textile sculptures; up until this point Jackie had been using found materials in collage.
The Little People are inspired by the people she sees but as a materials-led artist, the starting point is always the materials themselves; things that she’s been gifted or finds when she’s out walking. The maps, the old bits of newspaper, they aren’t props, they’re the beginning of the story.
Jackie uses her 1930s sewing machine ‘Pearl the Singer’ as much as possible; whilst it’s not practical to use it for all the materials she works with, the fact that it, like everything else she works with, it has its own history, makes Pearl a fitting partner to work with.


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