Gorse Cowl – Therese Johnson


Gorse Cowl

Maker: Therese Johnson

100% Silk Cowl with 100% Wool crocheted panel.

Hand dyed with gorse flowers, and hand printed with botanical leaf. Hand Stitched, and crocheted with naturally dyed wool.

184 x 46 cm

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About the Artist

Therese Johnson is an artist who combines traditional, heritage crafts with contemporary design.

“My desire to create is stimulated by the natural landscape. I walk, pause, observe, draw, forage and gather. I find inspiration in many things, detailed markings on beach stones, pattern on bark of a tree, or delicacy of lichen against black granite rock.

I use natural dyes extensively in my work, enjoying the process of exploring and  experimenting with numerous dye plants from my local environment. The natural dyes I use are sustainably sourced and include plants from my garden, flora sensitively foraged from hedgerows and food waste. Gathering gorse flowers in early spring, umbels of feathery fennel in summer, and sloe berries in late autumn, provides me a wonderfully close connection to nature and rhythms of the seasons.

I work intuitively and spontaneously, adding layers of dye and leaf prints to a variety of organic fibres. It is a slow and unpredictable process, no two dye baths or botanical leaf prints are the same. My hand knitting and crochet designs are created from many exploratory samples, using plant dyed wool and inspiration from a variety of sources.

In this current collection of  scarves, I have for the first time used dye  from windfallen lichen, gathered from the forest floor on my walks in woodland, near my home in Galloway”

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