Hedgehog – Lucy Wray, Thrift Designs


Handmade by Lucy Wray, from Thrift Design

This hedgehog is made from a variety of salvaged and recycled materials.  Primarily made from corrugated card, she is embellished with recycled papers, end of season fabric cuttings, recycled buttons foraged natural elements and a few bristles from an old brush.  Materials otherwise bound for landfil have been given a second life.

White frame, 13w x 17h inches


Working under the title of Thrift Design, Artist Lucy Wray explores and develops unwanted materials to create art from salvaged resources.

In an effort to highlight and encourage a more sustainable use of present resources Thrift Design creates art pieces, which give waste materials a new lease of life, saving them from polluting our environment. Inspired by the British countryside she delights in creating imagery in which the composite reclaimed materials are not immediately obvious. Her approach to representing what she sees in the natural world has been described as formalist. Using scraps of colour and texture like bold brush strokes to create structure and depth. Trying to see beyond what a piece of scrap was, to see what it could be.

“My pieces are very much informed by the materials I collect. I hope my creative work helps people to appreciate nature with a small reminder of how we are negatively impacting our shared environment”.

Lucy studied Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University and after a long career as a Freelance Artist & Creative Project Manager she now produces environmentally helpful art pieces from her dedicated home studio in Lancashire.

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