Hybrid by Geoff Forrest


Hybrid Basket

Maker: Geoff Forrest

Willow Basket, Acrylic

Approximate diameter 55 cm x Height 22 cm

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About the Artist

Geoff Forrest is a sculptor based in Ayrshire on the edge of Loch Doon in the Galloway Forest. He lives surrounded by hills, and trees in an atmosphere of wind, rain, billowing clouds, and the restless movement of water on the loch.

He works in mild steel, clay and as displayed in this exhibition, willow. Having spent many years learning the techniques of traditional willow basketry he now translates this into organic shapes. His ‘Wave’ and ‘Pebble’ baskets have a rounded, flowing feel and lend themselves to be touched and contemplated rather than used functionally.

“Although willow comes in a variety of natural tones I found myself drawn to the blues and greys I encountered on a trip to Norway. To get the right colour graduation I use acrylic spray paint, laid over a gesso undercoat and finished with a matt varnish.”






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