I Am Mongolian – Jenny Chan


I Am Mongolian

Maker: Jenny Chan

Ceramic Sculpture

Approximately 30w x 38h x 13d cm

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Celebrating cultural diversity. ‘I am Mongolian’ is a poem most inner Mongolians know by heart.  This piece features the Mongolian script.

The aroma of dung smoke billowed
I was born in a herder’s home
The wind, the great steppe
I consider it as my cradle

The blue fog rises
Gazing at the distant lands
My beautiful, vast country
When I look with admiration

The closing winds
Seems as if they were giving out kisses
Caresses, so lovingly like
My mother’s forgiving hands

When I feel the gracious compression
My heart is in awe
My vision blurs, with
Tears of unparalleled joy

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About the Artist

Born in Hong Kong, Jenny spent much of her childhood on the small island of Nauru without the distractions of TV not even a radio.  She explored her environment and loved to tinker from an early age.

Jenny started out in 2017, a person completely unsure of her capabilities after being a housewife for 16 years.  Despite being confidence zero, she started to create ceramics sculptures, which she found peaceful and fulfilling, the ideal distraction for relieving anxiety and isolation as a new immigrant in the UK.

With meticulous and reflective craftsmanship Jenny creates unique figurative sculptures each with their own story.  She finds inspiration from the integrity and honesty within people, the vitality, healing and peace.  Her work is intriguingly detailed, undeniably touched by her Chinese origins. The power of her art is experienced in her reflective and expressive sculptures.