Medium Turquoise Stem Vase – Rowena Gilbert


Medium Stem Vase, Turquoise

From the ‘Water Wonders’ Collection

Maker: Rowena Gilbert

Medium: Ceramics, Turquoise with Detail

19.5 cm tall

In stock

About the Artist

My ceramic work is above all else, a celebration of the natural world informed bny my daily observations, travels and life in my coastal hometown. I ejoy the duality of mixing precision with playfulness; many layers of clay slips are built upon in a highly controlled manner, whereas the bold markings etched into the surface and the brushed glazes are added with impulsivity and freedom.

My focus is on exploring the language of abstraction to evoke the elemental power and ever-shifting dynamism of nature, communicating not through narrative and figurative forms, but through mood and momentum

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