Pebble Drops with Prehnite – Susan Wilkinson


Pebble Drops with Prehnite

Maker: Susan Wilkinson

Reticulated Sterling Silver drop earrings with Prehnite, from Mali

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About the Artist

I have been designing and making jewellery for about twenty years. I work in sterling silver, semiprecious stones, occasionally copper and other materials.

I gather inspiration from what I see around me, and what I create is a response to objects and natural structures that I find and collect on beaches and other wild places. The pieces are a combination of the organic and the mineral, and I am content if what I create looks as though it has been dug up. I like to use raw stones when I can get them – to better see their structure, and always try to ensure that I know the origin of the stones (I am particularly drawn to those from Afghanistan and Pakistan). All my silver is ethical and recycled.

I use varying techniques to achieve the pitted, random textures and patterns that I love: milling; reticulation; even hammering the silver against stone and the effects are different each time. Surfaces are left matte, and as well as using semiprecious stones I often combine ‘worthless’ beach pebbles with those considered to have value.

My pieces are designed to be tactile; they are meant to be fiddled with. I don’t often look in a mirror and see what I am wearing round my neck, but I do know how my necklace feels when I rub my thumbnail over the surface.

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