Relaxing Dishy Lady – Helen Martino


Relaxing Dishy Lady

Maker: Helen Martino

Medium: Ceramic Sculpture

11L x 15.5w x 5h cm

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About the Artist

Artist Statement:

For this exhibition I have been thinking about the coming summer and the happy possibilities of visiting and being beside or on the sea, all of which I have missed very much in this last two years. The wind and the waves , the sounds and the movement.

As people have become freer to be out and about and mixing together I have also noticed couples being together on benches in the park when they are either talking together or maybe just relaxing and enjoying the sun.

I usually make a series of ceramic sculptures, where each piece embodies a part of a narrative. Individual sculptures explore an element of the story through a change in scale, movement, composition or colour.

The sculptures are hand built from soft sheets of white firing stoneware clay and are shaped and formed and decorated in different ways. Some parts are imprinted and filled with oxides and other parts painted with underglaze colours before glazing. Each piece is fired three times, biscuit to 1,000c then Glaze to 1,260-1280c, then lustre to 750c for the gold. I fire using a gas kiln.

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