Rohini & Pankaj – Pratima Kramer


Rohini & Pankaj

Maker: Pratima Kramer

Medium: Porcelain Ceramic Sculpture

26(h) x 7(w) x 6(d) cm

28(h) x 7(w) x 6(d) cm

Sold as a pair

Sorry this item is sold.

About the Artist

Pratima, contemporary British artist, based in Hertfordshire, has spent her formative years growing up in a Hindu brahmin family, in Gujarat, India.

Educated in a school based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principle has played a major roll in her ability to appreciate literature, poetry, classical music and dance, arts and all crafts and respect for all life forms.

Through her sculptures she tries to show humility despite the abject poverty, optimism, kindness and inner beauty in people she encounters and her early career as a Microbiologist, requiring intense observation for minute details, a transferable skill, that informs her practice.

Pratima is recipient of CC-Hothouse programme for profession development, Selected for an exhibition curated by V&A curators, awarded best use of colours by London Potters, ‘Highly Commended’ by British Craft Trade Fair and 1st prize in a curated Open Exhibition in Hertfordshire.

Pratima was featured in the art show ‘Home Is Where the Art Is’ on
BBC 1 in July 2020.

Pratima’s sculptures can be seen in galleries through out the UK.

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