Shopper Basket – Trevor Leat


‘Shopper’ Basket

Maker: Trevor Leat

Mixed Willow Basket

47w x 45h (to top of handle) x 34d cm

Sorry this item is sold.

About the Artist

Trevor first began weaving found material as a small child when he constructed wooden rafts from collected lolly sticks to float upon the Thames.

Years later a love for nature and an interest in Romany culture led him to Cumbria where he learnt to make creels and traditional baskets and his distinctive work was soon being exhibited in local galleries.

He spent some years off the west coast of Scotland on the Isle of Eigg amongst crofters and fisherman, before moving down the coast to Galloway.

These cultural influences are seen in his baskets and sculpture where he blends tradition with own sense of form, creating flowing work that has enduring strength and appeal.

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