Single Curlew – Katy Taylor


Single Curlew

Maker: Katy Taylor (Cider Tree Copper Works)

Single Copper Curlew on a double Pebble Base

6w x 10hcm

Sorry this item is sold.

About the Artist

‘I’m a mixed media artist, specialising in metalwork, textiles and printmaking. I produce everything by hand from my home studio space; the ‘Cider Tree Copper Works’ based in Cheshire.

I make nature themed art utilising a wide range of traditional metalsmithing techniques. Predominantly working in copper, I like to combine this with other materials to create one-off framed, 2D and 3D sculptural art pieces.

I was lucky enough to spend my childhood in the small village of Rudyard, in a house surrounded by trees and next to a beautiful lake. From an early age, I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world and the peace and tranquillity it provides.

Without these things the ‘white noise’ of everyday life would drown out everything else. Its only when you completely immerse yourself in the natural landscape that you can truly appreciate the intricacies and complexities of nature.

My ideas develop from the topography of the rural and ancient landscape in all its diversity. The flora & fauna, colours, textures, and wildlife that fill it are a constant source of inspiration.

The journey from sheet metal to finished piece begins with a hand drawn sketch.

Each piece is then hand cut and textured using a variety of traditional silversmithing techniques such as hammering, rolling and etching before being soldered together.

Work is finished with a patina then polished and sealed to protect the copper from tarnishing.’

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