Small Pewter Moon Jar – Anastasia Hille


Small Pewter Moon Jar 

Maker: Anastasia Hille

Hand-thrown stoneware, turned, glazed and fired

Height  12.5cm Width 12.5cm

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About the Artist

The Magnetic Pull of the Moon has always fascinated me and this collection are an homage to the Korean tradition of the moon Jar. The Moon and its phases influence all of nature and its growing cycles, tides and the ebb and flow of life .

These Moon jars in different sizes represent  the two extremes of the moons cycle, full and new or the dark side of the moon.

Three Full Moon Jars have a creamy white, smooth stone-like glaze, that has tiny imperfections typical of the Korean tradition. And then three New Moon jars that have a rich dark glaze with pewter flecks and a satin smooth surface.

All pieces are unique, functional and can hold water.

Each Jar is hand thrown stoneware, turned, glazed and fired several times to 1240 degrees.