‘Sunshine’ Healing Angel – Aneta Pieta


Maker: Aneta Pieta
Healing Angel holding BLUE CALCITE CRYSTAL
21 cm tall
Tranquility & Emotional Healing
One of the most relaxing stones, inspiring calm for the mind and peace in your surroundings. 
It is a powerful energy cleansing amplifier. Blue calcite is associated with speech, communication and emotional release.
Reduces stress and tension.
This is an excellent stone for communicating with higher frequency beings, such as angels and spirit guides.

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About the Artist

I didn’t always do ceramics; I received a degree in painting at the University of Krakow in 1995, but as artists often do, I explored other mediums and started experimenting with clay about 6 years ago in Edinburgh. And so a passion for ceramics began…

I am very much inspired by the spiritual and natural world.

I combine clay and colour to help transform a piece into an abstract expression of the world of the human spirit. I very much enjoy making angels of different designs, and I also do ceramic plates and bowls, all using different glazes and techniques. For the patterns, I sometimes draw freehand or forage for plants and leaves and gently press these into the clay. Many of my ceramic works have winged figures; as the angel is so emblematic of mystery and peace, so too is the creative process. My aim is to capture feelings and emotions by transforming them into a play of natural and spiritual forms.

With my new ceramic work, I have combined various decorative techniques, enabling me to explore a whole new range of forms, compositions and colour combinations. These experimentations in glazing and painting are similar to the way I approach a canvased piece, and the textured colour brings a whole new dimension to my work, allowing others to experience this emotive journey in a different way.

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