Tunnock’s Milk Triple – Nicola McBride


Tunnock’s Milk Triple

Artist: Nicola McBride

Medium: Biro Pen on Paper with Acrylic Background

Image size 40 x 23.5cm.

Please contact us to request sizes and images of the work in its frame.  

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About the Artist

Nicola is originally from Dundee and now works from her studio in Perth, she uses biro pens to develop artworks of iconic Scottish and retro images. Her subject matter changes frequently but mostly she focuses objects which surround her, sparked by her childhood. She is head of the art department at Perth High School, teaching 4 days per week and spends the rest of her week completing biro pen artworks.

She graduated from Grays School of Art in 1997 and has exhibited a range of work in galleries across the UK and France. She also participated in art fairs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and London.

Nicola uses a mix of BIC crystal original ballpoint pens to carefully layer the colour and tones in her subject matter, aiming to achieve a hyper realistic style. She loves the challenge and limitations of using an unforgiving medium and constantly works hard to perfect her media handling skills using pens.

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