Untitled (from the series ‘Citizens’) 3 – Unframed


Untitled (from the series ‘Citizens’) 3 – Unframed Print

Artist: Sarah Amy Fishlock

Medium: Photography, Archival Inkjet Print

Framed Dimensions: 42cm x 55cm


These images were created while Artist in Residence at Glasgow’s Citizens’ Theatre, and form a portrait of the theatre and the surrounding area from various perspectives. Situated in the Gorbals, the theatre’s 139 years have seen the poverty, overcrowding and razor gangs of the early 20th century, the erection of the infamous high rises in the 1960s, and the eventual demolition and rebuilding that was begun in the first years of this century. The neighbourhood, like the theatre, is compelling, complex, ever-changing. This body of work documents this unique creative space, the unseen spaces in which it’s magic is made, and the changing landscape that surrounds the building.


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